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At Midnight Donuts, we love desserts. They are the fairy tales of the kitchen. A happily ever after to supper. What better way to bring family, friends or even the in-laws together? The day-to-day Sydney grind has us all caught up these days. Be it with work, homework with the kids, late nights at university, or being stuck in peak-hour traffic on good old Parramatta Road.

So if you’re caught up but have an infamous sweet tooth for Original Glazed Donuts, or a boss of all bosses who couldn’t say no to some freshly made Cinnamon Scrolls. Maybe surprise grandma & grandpa with some Blueberry Muffins to go with their morning cuppa’. Midnight Donuts will whip up your order & have it delivered straight to your door. Delivering right across Sweet Sydney 7 days a week.